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V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 08:44:12 CST 2003

Namaste, Stig-ji and others 
I am copying below what I posted on the ambaa list yesterday.
My father taught me (in the fifties) in the following way and I am 
following the same procedure even now. And I kn ow that many who I 
know, do the Panchayatana puja do it this way. 

The arrangement is;

I face East when I do the Puja, with the abhisheka samakriya in 
front of me. In the pedestal where I have to do the abhisheka, the 
devatas are arranged in this order.
South-East (Agni dik): Surya
South-West (Nirruti dik): Ganapati
North-west (Vayu-dik): ambikA
North-East (Ishana-dik): Vishnu
Centre:   Banalingam

I have not checked any book or pramana for this, because I had no 
necessity to. Now and then a learned scholar and shastra-jna would 
visit me and be present at my puja and nobody pointed out anything 
wrong in the method. 

I have also a Raja-rajeshwari vigraha which I worship (along with 
abhisheka) and that vigraha takes also the centre-place along with 
the Bana-lingam (in addition to the presence of the Svarnamukhi ston 
e representing ambika sitting in the Vayu dik.
It is interesting to note that Stig-ji's references corroborate with this. 
PraNAms to all seekers of truth.

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