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84. One who wants to gratify the body and still see the Atman is like the
man who takes hold of a crocodile to cross a river thinking it is a log and
is thus destroyed.

87. This body which is made up of skin, flesh, blood, arteries, veins, fat,
marrow and bones is full of waste matter and filth. It deserves our

89. In the waking state of consciousness, man finds his fullest activity in
the body. In this state he identifies himself with his body, although he is
really separate from it. Through the external senses he enjoys gross objects
such as garlands, perfumes and so forth, as well as other objects of sense

99. Svapna (dream state) belongs to the subtle body. It enjoys subtle
objects and sees only what has been done in the wakeful state. The atman is
the supreme being. The intellect is his minister but things done by the
intellect do not touch him. He is unattached. It is his instrument. As the
chisel is to the carpenter, so is the intellect to the atman.

105. When all is favorable the ego becomes happy; when not favorable,

107. In sushupti (dreamless sleep), when there is no object at all, no
pleasure or pain, the atman shines in its own glory. When that soul goes
into the consciousness of its jaagrat (waking state), it becomes conscious
of seeing, hearing etc.

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