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Maya considered in its own metaphysical spectrum :

108. There is One – undifferentiated and undivided. Nobody can define what
it is, but it has the power of God. Beginningless and yet also called
ignorance it has three qualities : sattva, rajas and tamas. It cannot be
understood except by its action and that only by the illumined ones. It has
created all this universe – produced it al. It is maya.

109. If you ask of its form, it cannot be stated. It is beyond description.
It is neither real nor unreal. Neither is it a mixture of the two. Is it
separate from the atman? It is neither separate nor yet non-separate.
Neither part nor apart from the atman. It is not the body. It is most
wonderful and beyond all description.

110. It is real and unreal; unreal because it changes and not unreal because
it is. It is not separate because you see atman alone (if separate there
must be two) and you cannot say not separate (as you cannot say that the
snake is not separate from the rope). Knowledge of Brahman – the One, pure,
without a second – destroys maya, as the illusion of the snake in the rope
is destroyed when the nature of the rope is known.

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