Nature of Grace

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Tue Feb 4 15:38:19 CST 2003

Dear Ronaldo,


The discussion of "practice" as a shadowy word that fits somewhere between
the dualism (I dare use this word here) of pure karma/ritual and
jnana/knowledge is interesting. I have followed and participated in this
topic on some new-age boards, but no one listened to my opinion, so I gave
up. :-)

>1) Brahman remains an unaffected witness
>2) Only Brahman chooses who to grace with jnana
>3) any practices or karma cannot result in jnana
>4) Brahman seems to only grace those who are doing some practice (maybe
>there are a few "innocents" who are "struck by lightning" but the majority
>or those graced are those who are doing some sort of meditation or
>contemplation practice.)
>Therefore it seems that Brahman does not remain unaffected; Brahman is
>affected by practice, choosing to grace those who do so practice. And
>therefore it seems practices are needed to secure the grace of Brahman.

This discussion assumes depends on and another tricky phrase called "free
will" and if such free will really exists. The answer is yes or no.

Innocents and Ignorant people think they have free will, and even claims
things like human rights, freedom of speech etc. Innocents sure deserve free
will, but that is besides the point.

As long as we are forced to do certain karmas such as breathing (inhalation
and exhalation) about which we have no choice, all the free will that we
enjoy is fake. Period. Till we know why we inhale, there is no free will.
Till the time we know why we feel hungry there is no free will.

Till the time we know answers for these questions, all we can do is
karma/work/ritual/practice of breathing.

While the option/choice of not doing these has been ruled out, doing all
this karma/work/ritual/practice does not guarantee answers either.

While doing these we need to figure out why we are doing these. So practice
is not any special thing that I am doing and you are not. We are all doing
the same 'practice' knowingly or unknowingly.

Doing the karma/work/ritual/practice unknowingly surely doesn't help. After
all if don't "know" what practice we are doing and why, what to expect about
our "knowing" Brahman?

So doing the karma/work/ritual/practice "knowingly" might help!

But after getting knowledge one will realize that one is not doing anything
at all. It is simply the consciousness splitting itself into various
java-like threads.

So finally knowledge is what alone helps and matters, even not doing karma
is fine.

Isn't grace also dualistic? Someone graceful showering grace on someone

Best regards

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