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121. In dreamless sleep there is no cognition of any kind. But the mind
continues to exist in its subtle form like a seed. The proof of this can be
found in everybody’s experience – that the mind when we wake up still
remembers : “I knew nothing”.

122. The body, organs, praanas, mind, ego, all the modifications and objects
of senses, all pleasure and pain, the five elements, all the universe and
avyaktam – these are all non-Self.

123. It is all maya from avyaktam to the individual body. It is unreal and
non-Self. Know this as water in a mirage.

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125. There is One – self existent, eternal, who is the base of all belief
that “I am” and who is the witness of the three states of consciousness –
jaagrat, svapna and sushupti – and who is separate from the five sheaths.

135. Beyond all transformations of nature, pure intelligence is his nature.
Existence and non-existence come from him. Beyond all specification such is
the paramaatman who shines as witness in the three states of jaagrat, svapna
and sushupti.

136. “I am He”. Know this by the purification of your heart. By the
controlled mind know thine own Self. Birth and death are the waves of that
shoreless ocean. Cross it safely, dwell in your real state as Brahman.

137. This is the bondage of the individual – to take the non-self as the
self and from that bondage comes birth, death and myriads of different
sufferings due to ignorance – the ignorance by which one takes this unreal
body as real and nourishes it and tries to preserve it by the objects of the
senses as the silkworm preserves its cocoon.

147. Neither by weapons, nor by any scripture, nor by fire, nor by water,
nor by millions of different kinds of works, can this tree of ignorance be
hewn down. Only the great sword of discrimination can cut down this maya and
that sword should be whetted by the grace of the Lord.

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