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The five sheaths – the pancha kosha

151. If the five sheaths are taken away, the atman will manifest itself –
pure, eternal bliss, unchangeable, direct and self-luminous.

153. As the blade of grass is separated from its sheath, you must separate
the seer from the seen and reduce everything to the atman (experientially
and not conceptually). And one who dwells in that atman is free.

154. The body is the first sheath. It is a transformation of food. It lives
by food and dies without it. There its name is “food sheath” – annamaya

164. This knowledge of the Self as the body – this wicked desire (which is
unreal) that “I am the body” – this is the root of birth and different

165. The second sheath is the “praana sheath” – praanamaya kosha. The five
organs of action, together with the five vital forces, make the sheath of
praana. In the first sheath – this heap of skin, bone, blood etc – this
sheath of praana lives and engages itself in all sorts of works.

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