Statements in our shastras

Malolan Cadambi cadambi at HOTPOP.COM
Tue Feb 11 10:19:11 CST 2003

> exist in the dharma shAstras. But the moral standards
> demanded of the dvijas are very high also.

Karthik is right. It will be intersting to note that the Manu Smriti, often
blamed today for India's caste problems has been commented upon by
Nietzsche, Henry David Thoreau and Voltaire.

It is sad that the institutions of Colebrooke, Macaulay survive among India
today. Add to this long list, Witzel, Thapar et al...
I feel a sense of dichotomy in refering to Voltaire and Thoreau as well.
Well, i guess they are much different from the missionary oriented rest :-)

Here are some interesting links:


Malolan Cadambi

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