Statements in our shastras

Malolan Cadambi cadambi at HOTPOP.COM
Tue Feb 18 13:14:09 CST 2003

Jaldhar, yes, you are correct. Shankaracharya points out the example of
Vidura. For that matter even Vedanta Desika does in his Rahasya Traya Saara.
All of us know the story of Sabari, Matanga muni and Lord Rama. As you say,
a civilization like ours is so vast and diverse that it has multiple
viewpoints on life itself. Readers might be interested in pursuing manIshA
panchakam of Adi Shankara. I think Vidyasankar wrote about this in the
bhakti list years back. Perhaps he could share some of his insights into
this work of Adi Shankara.

Just for the record:

> the Shrivaishnava viewpoint as explained by Mani makes sense from their
> point of view because they hold God to be the supreme authority.  So his
> wishes trump the shastras.

Not true. The shriivaishnava-s also hold the apourusheyatava of the
shAstra-s. The shAstra-s are regarded as the supreme authority in dharma.


Malolan Cadambi

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