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[was Re: Statements in our shastras]

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Malolan Cadambi wrote:

> Just for the record:
> > the Shrivaishnava viewpoint as explained by Mani makes sense from their
> > point of view because they hold God to be the supreme authority.  So his
> > wishes trump the shastras.
> Not true. The shriivaishnava-s also hold the apourusheyatava of the
> shAstra-s. The shAstra-s are regarded as the supreme authority in dharma.

I was under the impression that apaurusheya was inerpreted as "not
authored by any human" instead of "not authered by any person" Is this not
the case?  certainly later Vaishnava sampradayas have thought thus.

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