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> I was under the impression that apaurusheya was inerpreted as "not
> authored by any human" instead of "not authered by any person" Is this
> not
> the case?  certainly later Vaishnava sampradayas have thought thus.

The meaning of apourusheya is what you mentioned.  Both in
vishisshTadviata and dviata philosophies Veda-s are considered as
eternally real,  ontologically in the same status as the Iswara, jiiva
and prakRiti.  At the  end of each pralaya or before the creation, Lord
Narayana reveals them, that which are eternally existent, to chaturmukha
Brahmaji and the rest.  The mantra-s that are attributed to the sages
like vishvamitra etc are indicative that they are only instrumental in
revealing  that which existed before and hence bares their names.

Hari OM!

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