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212. The pupil said : I do not understand. You ask me to do away with all
these five sheaths and when I do that, I see nothing but the viodness of
all. Therefore tell me what is to be known there.

213. The master said : O learned one you have told the truth. You are quick
to understand things. That is the atman because, “I” and everything else are
only the transformation and want of that chance is the atman.

214. By whom everything is understood but who is understood by none, that is
the atman, the knower of all, known only by very keen understanding – pure

215. You have become the witness of that which you see. When there is
nothing to be seen, the concept of a witness becomes irrelevant.

216. But of one who can never be comprehended – who can be the witness of
that? Therefore the atman is the witness of himself because he knows

217. Therefore this atman which you have understood is that void – not
separate from it. In jaagrat, svapana and in sushupti, he manifests in these
three states in the form of consciousness and never forgets that he is
uniform. And he remains the witness of all transformations, ever blissful,
ever intelligent. Know him in your own heart.

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