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Upadesha Saahasri 15.6 : As it is said in the shruti ,’pleasure and pain do
not touch one who is bodiless’ - bodilessness is not the result of actions.
The cause of our connection with a body is action. Therefore an aspirant
after knowledge should renounce actions.

>The odd things is that non-action is itself action.

True - it is with the control of the mind and body that the normal person
eforces in-action. But with practice the sense of doership disappears - the
connection to the mind and body is given up. There it is not action anymore.

>It is justified in being called non-action because it systematically
> >destroys itself as opposed to conventional actions which multiply
> >endlessly.


>A definite sadhana is being asked for and that doesn't seem to me to >be
>the same as just inertly waiting for things to resolve themselves.

Actually it is as simple as that - ofcourse our ego/doership makes it
difficult for us to accept it. And neither is it easy for the normal person
to practice it.

Non-action is the true path - because all action is only of the mind or the
senses or the body, none of which is the Self. But when the affliction of
maya is at an advanced degree, as it is with most people today, then maya
itself is used to control/diminish maya. The mind/body is used to control
the hold of the mind/body itself - turning the mind inwards etc. But after a
stage there's no utility to any action - you have to let go of it.

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