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237. Therefore the supreme soul is alone real – one without a second, pure
consciousness, without any blemish, quiet, beginning less, endless, beyond
all actions, always blissfulness itself.

239. Beyond these three – knower, known and knowledge – endless where there
is no change at all, one consciousness, exists the supreme. The sages alone
know such atman.

241. These two – “thou” and “that” – become one when the “thou” has been
purified according to the dictates of the scriptures.

243. Though they (thou and that) are of different natures yet in their
proper essence they are equal. What differences you see is only in upaadhi
or qualification. The upaadhi of God is maya which is the cause of mahat and
its works; and the upaadhi of the jiva is the five sheaths and their works.

244. Both are one substance. This substance plus maya and mahat is God and
the same substance plus the five sheaths is the jiva. Take away the upaadhis
of both and what is left is the same thing.

245. But the supreme soul is free from all upaadhis. Therefore by the method
of the shruti one should do away with upaadhis.

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