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230. Brahman alone is real and whatever comes out from Brahman is real. The
real cannot produce what is unreal. It is that. There is nothing except
that. He that says there is something separate, his delusion has not yet
vanished. He is as one speaking in his sleep.

231. The scripture says this world is Brahman. All is Brahman. There all
this world is nothing but Brahman. What you impute to a thing (superimpose)
is not separate from that to which you impute (the substratum). The basis of
all is Brahman. Therefore what you call the world is not the world but

232. If the world is real the scripture becomes worthless, there remains no
basis of truth and the evidence of men of realization who have realized the
atman becomes untrue.

234. If the world is real let it be perceived when you are in deep sleep
also. You cannot comprehend anything then. Therefore it is not. It is like a

235. What appears cannot be real. The basis is the real thing and the
appearance is only through ignorance.

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