Venkatesh or Vyankatesh ? and Why?

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On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Vijay Naik wrote:

> ||AUM namo bhagavate vAsuDevAya||
> Namaskar,
> Many thanks for the replies.

More data.  In Gujarati, curly hair vAMkaDia which seems to be
etymologically related though I can't prove it.  and there is the popular
name of Krishna Bhagavan in the North, Bankim Bihari which refers to Him
being 'crooked' in three ways, (in his hair, in his flute which is being
played in ecstasy, and His hips as He dances with the Gopis.)

But I think Ravis' theory is quite plausible too as it is true that the
Dravidian languages belong to a different linguistic group and their words
cannot be completely derived from Sanskrit roots.

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