New member introduction: Rajendra Prabhu

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Thu Jan 23 21:48:04 CST 2003


>From my name, you might have guessed correctly that I
am Indian... actually I am proud of my country which
has given to the world the VEDANTA. By profession, I
am a software engineer working for an Indian infotech

I feel that I should try as far as possible to be
closer to the Absolute Brahmin in this life... hence,
my interest in Advaita-Vedanta. By 'closer' I mean
w.r.t. 'Realization' of the Supreme Godhead, Who as
per Great Saints like Sankaracharya is none but

I would love to be part of your forum, which I believe
would help me understand Advaita-Vedanta better.

Thanks and regards,
Rajendra Prabhu.

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