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>>Would you be able to recommend a good sequence of texts, in view of what
>>have mentioned below?  It might benefit some of us who though might have
>>heard of the texts or even read some of them, but not know the
>Just three works would suffice what you need for a practical Advaitic
>understanding/practice : 1. Gaudapaada Kaarikaa, 2. Upadesha Saahasri and
>The last is IMO probably the most effective exposition of Advaita and
>sufficient for any saadhaka - specifically commented upon by Ramana
>For any serious aspirant, this only work itself will do.

I agree. Besides one can learn a lot from works such as, trishati bhaashya
and sahasranAma bhAshya of AchArya.

There is a commentary on vivekachuuDamani by shri shri chandrasekhara
bhArati svaamigaL of shringeri maTha.

IMO, we need only minimum and basic theory to sustain and propel the

Also the difference between new age books and traditional text books on
advaita-vedAnta is the similar to the difference between the popular
science books on modern physics and actual modern physics text books.
Former merely give a glimpse of the subject and sometimes exaggerate and
make it look as it is it all rosy rosy. But the latter toil to make actual
physicists. Yes, it will require a lot of effort to go through the tedious
calculations, but it is required.

My 2c.


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