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>>Would you be able to recommend a good sequence of texts,


For an aspirant to be an advaitin there is nothing required by way of study in sequence.  Why?   Is even a study needed at all ? Leave alone the sequence we are talking about !! Let the aspirant STOP being an aspirant forthwith and presto! He will  REALISE instantly  that he himself is indeed the ONE  he was all along aspiring to be !!   Thanks to Ashtavakra.

 Has not Gaudapada said :

"Manaso hyamaneebhave dvitam naivopalabhyate" ?

 Let him thereafter, come one step down and become Ishwara to revel in the Great Sankaracharya's own words as follows:

"Asangoham , asangoham , asangoham ,  punahpunaha ;

Satchidaananda roopoham , ahamevaahamavyayaha".

Then, Let him come one more step further down and become  the "Jiva" and happily go about his daily business in Vyavahaara  for the benefit of 'himself' and of  those with whom he is working !

Hari Om!


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