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Hari Om !!

I am replying to this post, primarily to present Sri
Ramesh's views as I understand them.

--- Vaidya Sundaram <Vaidya_Sundaram at HOTMAIL.COM>

> If not ego being the cause of individualtiy, which
> is the reason for any
> individual experiences, then who experiences, and
> why?

EGO is not the cause of individuality. EGO IS

Whether 'ONE' claims it or not "Experience" happens.
EGO claims it later and suffers. The wheel of samsara
goes on whether one individual claims it or not. It is
all "IMPERSONAL". Because it is all so different from
what is understood, and beyond logic, that sages have
called it 'lIlA'.

> > God will take care of it.
> Really? Then I don't have to do anything? WOW!! What
> is God waiting for
> then?

What do you think is happening NOW ? Did you digest,
open and close the hert valves, perspire, blink etc...
? or every thing is happening withut your intervention
?? Similarly, your/my existance itself is happening
without my intervention. In the middle this
individuality is claiming 'undue responsibility'.
Remember 'ahamkAra vimUDhatmA kartAhamitimanyatE'. God
is not waiting for any thing. Only God IS.

>I am ready to get liberated (and so is
> everybody else in the world)!!

You are not ready to be liberated; you are not in
bondage first of all, to get liberated; first of all
you are not there; your wrong notion that you exist as
an individual is what is the problem; it is all
Impersonal Consciousness.

> Very confusing to say the least. If there is no
> individual, then what is the
> organism you are talking about?

Body + Mind organism. Does an ant or tiger claim
"individuality" ?? thought they have body and mind ??

> It is not just denial of rebirth as told by vedanta.
> It is denial of logic.
> It's like an all powerful "distributor of karma"
> that just functions
> independently. This distributor of karma if not God,
> then is also different
> from when the purva mimamsakas' were denying the
> need for a God, but held
> that karma would take care of assigning itself to
> the right entity,  right?

Recall the first sloka of 'Upadesa sara' of Ramana
maharshi ?? "kartru rajnaya prapyate phalam; karma kim
param karma tat jadam"

As I mentioned earlier, the explanation of 'impersonal
karma' and emphasis that there is no individual to be
re-born seem to be at odds. But, I see the potential
of the "Impersonal Consciousness" a very powerful

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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