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--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> I've started reading Vivekachoodaamani again after
> so many years (it was my
> first Advaita text) and I find it highly
> inspirational. So many highly
> complex issues in Advaita are so beautifully dealt
> with. Like my post on
> Upadesha Saahasri a few months back, I would like to
> post some important
> verses from Vivekachoodaamani which question many
> common assumptions
> regarding Advaita. But instead of doing it at one
> shot I would like to post
> 3 or 4 verses at a time and make it a series. Also I
> find verses even about
> some basic issues like qualifications for an
> Advaitin so clearly spelt out,
> that I would like to post such verses first.

This is a very welcome series. Hope it proceeds
successfully. One suggestion is to include the verse
number and the sanskrit shloka also if possible.


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