Statements in our shastras

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I like this ADVAITA-VEDANTA discussion.


A Sudra

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"Nayars" or "Nairs" are actually shudras.
They follow a matrilineal system.
Hence  a Brahmin [ Nambudiri] man or a Kshatriya [Varma,Raja] man might have
an alliance with a Nair woman. Their progeny belongs to 'Nair' caste. By
this system, there are instances of paternal grandfather being a Brahmin, as
he was belonging to Nambudiri community; father a Kshatriya as his mother
was from Varma community and son a Shudra as his mother was from the Nair
This is mindboggling, but this was the system being followed till very

Nowadays, with some exceptions, Nairs marry amongst themselves, Varmas marry
amongst themselves and so do the Nambudiris.

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> >Another qustion I have is about non dvijas not being
> >being taught Vedas.  Does it apply also to sanyasis of
> >non-dvija background ? (that is their purva ashrama)
> >For example, Swami Chinmayananda was of the Nayar
> >caste in Kerala (which belongs to the Sudra varna) and
>Just to be a little legalistic about it - there are strong arguments for
>classifying Nayars as Kshatriyas. Similarly with the Marathas in
>and various other ruling/martial groups of people. These have been made
>times in the past, especially over the last two centuries. There has been a
>particularly south Indian trend to designate all non-Brahmana-s as being
>Shudras. This is highly debatable, and well-respected authorities on the
>dharmashAstras have argued against it.

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