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Welcome to the list.
I would be interested to know the curriculum of the course you mention.
And if it's not too much noise on the list, I'm interested in finding out
who is conducting the course there. There are several who are qualified
enough, and those I revere!

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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Dear Sir,

                 My name is Haribabu. I am in my fourth year, BITS,
I am from Andhrapradesh.

I got inertested in spirituality when i read Chinamayananda's
commentary on Gita. From then onwards, i am trying to gain knowledge and
associate myself with saints.

Currently, i am doing course called Sankara's Thoughts
offered here. Also i daily read Commentary by Chinmayananda on
VivekaChoodamani. With this I got interest in advaita philosophy. As i am
a beginner, i want to explore this philosophy by listening to others and
clarifying my doubts.

                 Hope I will be included in the list.


haribabu k
116, Ashok Bhawan
Bits, Pilani

Rajasthan - 333031

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