Vishnu and Shiva

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan_kc at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 10 11:31:39 CST 2003


I know my question is not relevant for advaitins(including me), but just for
the sake of academic interest I am asking you this. While going through the
Rig Veda, I have found the reference -

asya devasya mILhuSo vayA viSNoreSasya prabhRthe havirbhiH
vide hi rudro rudriyaM mahitvaM yAsiSTaM vartirashvinAvirAvat

(RIG VEDA 7.40.5)

The essence of the translation(not mine, second hand) is that Rudra's power
is due to Vishnu. Does it not show that Vishnu (and more importantly not
rudra)is the cause of everything?

Please understand that I am asking this out of academic interest alone. I
apologize if I sounded offensive.

Best Regards

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