Vishnu and Shiva

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Here is a translation of RV 7.40.5 that I got from

"With offerings I propitiate the branches of this
swift-moving God, the bounteous Visnu.
Hence Rudra gained his Rudra-strength: O Asvins, ye
sought the house that hath celestial viands."

Logically, does not the "offering" and "propitiating"
depend upon Agni? Therefore it seems that Rudra's
strength comes from Vishnu, which comes from Agni,
which ulitmately comes from the sacrificer and his

Therefore, according to Rg Veda 7.40.5, it seems that
Vishnu is dependent upon Agni...

Further, I would still appreciate the quote from
shruti that specifically states that worshipping other
gods as supreme is really a worship of Narayana.

It is also very possible that I have misunderstood. In
this case, could you explain how the meaning of Rg
Veda 7.40.5 leads to the "worshipping of Narayana in
all gods" concept?


--- kalyan chakravarthy <kalyan_kc at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Namaskaaram,
> >1) Much of your argument hinges upon the statement
> >that praising other gods as supreme is really
> praising
> >the Narayana within those other gods. I am curious
> --
> >where did this come from?
> Otherwise RV 7.40.5 becomes meaningless.

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