Vishnu and Shiva

Sankaran Kartik Jayanarayanan kartik at ECE.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Mar 11 18:26:52 CST 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, kalyan chakravarthy wrote:


> >Firstly, there is no contradiction in saying that
> >rudra gained his strength from himself.
> 1.Such a conclusion being obvious would waste the scriptural statement.
> There is no need to look at the scriptures to know the obvious.

So you have no objection.

By the same token, the Veda should also not waste words by repitition,
since there is no need to know something already known. But the Veda
repeatedly points out that Brahman ought to be known.

> 2.There is no gaining or losing of anything for brahman.

So we now know that VishhNu is not Brahman, for it is from VishhNu that
Rudra gains his strength, and nothing gains anything from Brahman :-)

We can discuss academically, but most of my other objections have not been
answered to from the previous post, and since circular arguments are
tiring, I will now sign off.


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