Dvaita and Sophistry - Part 2(Reality and Unreality)

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On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, kalyan chakravarthy wrote:

> >That's fine.  Even so, it suffices to show that difference is a quality,
> >which was the point you questioned.
> How do you accept a definition which seriously falls short of explaining all
> aspects?

Short answer: I don't.  You haven't even come close to demonstrating that
I do.


Shrisha Rao

> Kalyan
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Kindly please note that the Acharya always uses the words Ishwara
and Parameshwara to Bhagavan Narayana only.   The words are used
in the Gita Bhashya also throughout... but in places even when
referring to Vasudeva.   To Him Vasudava, Krishna, Parameshvara ,
Ishvara are all synonyms.

He NEVER allures anywhere to Rudra / Chandramouleeshwara etc.
ANYWHERE in this Bhashya.

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003 Vidyasankar wrote :
> >Why may i humbly ask
> >
> >   -The Great Sri Shankaracharya - entirely in his Prastana
> >Treya
> >uses only the word vishnu / narayana for Brahman.
> >
>That is not quite correct. The words that Sankaracharya uses most
>often are
>ISvara and parameSvara, not vishNu, not nArAyaNa, not Siva, not
>It is only in the gItA commentary that he uses the words
>nArAyaNa, vishNu
>and vAsudeva, but that is understandable, given that the gItA is
>taught by

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