Dvaita and Sophistry - Part 2(Reality and Unreality)

Shrisha Rao shrao at NYX.NET
Sat Mar 15 13:22:08 CST 2003

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, kalyan chakravarthy wrote:

> Namaskaaram,
> > > How do you accept a definition which seriously falls short of explaining
> >all
> > > aspects?
> >
> >Short answer: I don't.  You haven't even come close to demonstrating that
> >I do.
> These are your own statements -
> 1. That's fine.  Even so, it suffices to show that difference is a quality,
> which was the point you questioned.
> 2.Try the dictionary, which defines difference as "the quality of being
> unlike or dissimilar," etc.
> Why would suggest the dictionary, unless you yourself accept its definition?

You raised the question as to why difference should be considered a
property, and that was my answer (I consider "property" and "quality" to
be synonyms in this context).  There is no challenge to this that I can
see.  If you wish to show that even considering difference a property is
fallacious, you will have to do something more than you have so far.


Shrisha Rao

> Kalyan

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