Dvaita and Sophistry - Part 3(Inherent natures of jivas)

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan_kc at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 18 11:20:05 CST 2003


> > Is it not possible for a tamasic person to become a sattvik one?

> > If not,of what use are the scriptures to one who is tamasic?
>They aren't.  No one has said they are.

Where does sruti indicate this?

>Yes, as per Krishna's explicit word: svabhAvajA.

How do you know it is eternally constant?

> > in today's world. Change of faith is possible. Dont you see many people
> > changing their religions? Who is a true seeker and who is not, who
>Non sequitur

Good. So experience is non sequitur.

> > Do you really get this eternal damnation idea from vedanta?
>Yes, for example, from `andhaM tamaH pravishanti ye.avidyAmupAsate'
>(Ishavasya U. 9), and also Krishna's word `mAM aprApyaiva kaunteya tato
>yAnti adhamAM gatim.h' (having certainly failed to reach me, they reach
>the lowest state).

1.How do you link the Isa Upanishad statement to eternal damnation? Where
does the Upanishad say that andhaM tamaH is eternal?

2.Besides, if lowest state is great darkness, then what about the
worshippers of vidya?

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