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246. The shruti says “not this, not this” because the upaadhis are
attributes and therefore not real. As you see the snake in a rope and as you
see things in dream – both unreal – therefore practice “not this, not this”.

247. The upaadhis are not real and so by wise meditations – doing away with
the upaadhis – should be known that things which is common to both.

248. When we say : “this man is that same Devadatta whom I have previously
met”, we establish a person’s identity by disregarding those attributes
superimposed upon him by the circumstances of our former meeting. In just
the same way, when we consider the scriptural teaching “that art thou” we
must disregard those attributes which have been superimposed upon “that” and

266. In the cave of the heart, separate from the manifested and the
unmanifested, the truth exists – Brahman. He who knows Brahman within his
own soul and abides in him, for him there’s no entering the body again.

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