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267. Even after knowing the Atman, powerful desire, which is beginningless
(in the form of “I’m the doer and enjoyer”), which is the cause of this
world, does not die. It remains there. What can be done with that? You must
do away with that desire carefully, because that is freedom – the lessening
of desire. That should be done even after realization. (Cp with a contrary
view in Sureshvara’s Naishkarmya Siddhi where it is asserted that our vices
disappear once Brahman is known).

268. The idea of “me” and “mine” remains in the body and in other things
that are non-Self. This is called adhyaasa and should be given up by the
sage by identifying himself with the Atman.

270. First give up the world; then the body; then the scriptures – and in
that way do away with your ignorance of identifying the Self with the

271. As long as you have the desire of following the world, the ceremonies
of the scriptures, or to satisfy your body, you cannot have true knowledge.

275. The net of desires for the non-self has kept back the desire for the
real Self. So by desiring constantly the real, the desire for the unreal
goes and the Atman shines in its own glory.

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