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This name also occurs in vishhNu sahasranAma. shankara interprets this name
as one who incarnated as a red hued fish called rohita, referring to the
matsya avatara of Lord. parashara bhaTTa interprets this name as one whose
has a red complexion similar to color of inside of the lotus petal.

I also found a very interesting interpretation in

"SrI satyadevo vAsishTha derives the meaning from the root ruh - bIja
prAdurbhAve ca - to grow, to increase, to rise, to reach, and gives the
interpretation "prAdurbhavati iti rohitah - One who expresses Himself or One
who causes all beings to express themselves is rohitah."

rohitaaya namaH

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Hari Om !!

Here is the meaning from a book I have on Rudra Suktam
from a great teacher in Andhra, Kulapathi Ekkirala
Krishnamacharya, who was a great vedic scholar and
spiritual teacher.

namO rOhitAya sthapatayE vrikshAnAm patayE namaH

rOhitaya = unto the one with red colour
sthapatayE = unto the one who establishes the worlds
vrikshAnAm pataye = lord of the trees
namaH = namaskaram

rOhitaH means one who is red. Here it means, 'one who
has the form/hue of a rising and setting Sun;   'One'
who ascends and descends in the sky. ( This is my
english translation of his telugu commentary. I did
not get it well)

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- K Anand <carex at VSNL.COM> wrote:
> Dear Learned members,
> Can somebody explain the direct and inner meanings
> and explanation of the name ROHITH as it appears in
> Sri Rudram as 'Rohithaya sthapathaye'.
> Regards
> Anand K

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