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293. All that you see is unreal, changing every minute. I cannot be that. I
am an unchangeable something. I am the knower of all these changes. There is
this awareness in me – that I am the knower of everything. These things, the
ego sense and other perceptions, cannot know anything.

294. The real self is the witness of “I”, even in deep sleep in the absence
of all knowledge; therefore it is eternal. The scripture says it is never
born and is ever existent. That is your real self which is different from
the manifested or unmanifested.

296. Therefore give up the sense of “I” in this heap of flesh and bones etc
and in that which thinks “I am the intellect – the ego”. And knowing that
one, undivided consciousness that is beyond time and space, as your own
self, gain peace.

297. Again give up the sense of “I” in your family and lineage, in your name
and in your form. All these rest in this rotten corpse. And the sense of “I”
in the subtle body – the idea of doer and enjoyer – that also give up and
become one, universal whole – blissfulness itself.

298. There are so many distractions for the individual which are the cause
of worldliness – but of them all, the first and the root is egoism.

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