Dasa Avatars(In response to Shri B. Shankar)

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Dear Kalyan

Please recall Sankara's last message addressed to his disciples in Sopana
Panchakam or Sadhana panchakam - It starts with Vedo nithyam adheeyathaam.
Hope u get the point. And also note that knowledge springs from avidya. You
clean a gold vessel with dirty ash and not powdered gold. All sources of
knowledge available to us are in the plane of Maya (avidya). And if u think
u are talking in a different plane where there is only Pure Satchidananda
<WINK> God help u. Dont try to make Shri Sankara's teachings as compatible
to neo-vedanta. And all the upanishads which u vedantins hold in awe is part
of Vedas (Avidya for u). Take it or leave it.

Vedo Akilo dharma moolam
Vedo nithyamadeeyatham
Vedo rakshati rakshataha

Anand K
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> Namaskaaram,
> >Yet, 1300 years after Buddha's time, Sri Adi Sankara was able to do the
> >same
> >(make people come out of ritualism) *without rejecting the vedas*.
> *Without rejecting the vedas*??????? There are online English and Sanskrit
> versions of vedas available. Please read them. You will find tons and tons
> of *avidya*.
> Best Regards
> Kalyan
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