Dasa Avatars(In response to Shri B. Shankar)

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Thu May 1 20:53:25 CDT 2003


>I have read translations of a few parts of the vedas. At the empirical
>level, he does accept the vedas (of which the upanishads are a part, as Sri
>Anand pointed out) as a pramana. And he does quote from the non-upanishad
>part of the vedas also. I do agree that the vedas would fall in the realm
>maya from the highest state of turya, but that doesn't mean that
>Sankaracharya has rejected them (he has done so only at the level of
>For that matter, the philosophy of advaita doesn't exist in the highest
>state of turya, so I presume it is also in the realm of avidya only,
>especially since it is extracted from the vedas. Has Sankaracharya rejected

If you say advaita is avidya, then according to the IshAvAsya Upanishad, all
advaitins are going to go to andhaM tamas. Are you ready to accept that?
Anyway, read Sri Adi Shankara's commentary on I.U. He interprets the avidya
of IU to mean rituals. avidya can have many meanings. An aspirant of the
status of hiraNyagarbha, is addicted to vedic rituals which come under the
scope of karma kanda. So, when I said avidya, I meant karma kanda. The karma
kanda portion is rejected as producing no liberation.(That is true actually
and it does make sense.)

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