Creation theories (was Re: What is the exactmeaning/significance of this?)

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 2 11:25:08 CDT 2003

>the cosmic deity is equated with jIva in the three states. It would also
>amount to saying that Ishwara is affected by jIva's experiences. If it is

No, the equation is done for the purposes of meditation on the OmkAra.

>Thus, the equation of jIva and brahman is valid only in the fourth state.

That is a wrong approach to understanding the upanishad. The *realization*
that jIva = brahman occurs in the fourth state, but the equation of jIva
with brahman remains valid everywhere. The goal of the true Advaita
Vedantin is to internalize this realization in all states, including waking
and dreaming. The return to the three "normal" states belongs to the body,
the anAtman, but once Brahman-realization arises, the jIva, the Atman,
stops identifying itself with the anAtman.


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