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> >amount to saying that Ishwara is affected by jIva's experiences. If it is
>No, the equation is done for the purposes of meditation on the OmkAra.

If it is only for the purpose of meditation, it is OK.

>That is a wrong approach to understanding the upanishad. The *realization*
>that jIva = brahman occurs in the fourth state, but the equation of jIva
>with brahman remains valid everywhere. The goal of the true Advaita
>Vedantin is to internalize this realization in all states, including waking
>and dreaming. The return to the three "normal" states belongs to the body,
>the anAtman, but once Brahman-realization arises, the jIva, the Atman,
>stops identifying itself with the anAtman.

But Sri Vidyasankar ji, in that case what is the entity that is being
affected by avidya? If it is jIva, then it is as good as saying that brahman
is being affected by avidya. If it is not jIva, then how can any jada be
affected by avidya? Dont you think we face such philosophical difficulties
if we say that jIva is brahman in all states?

More over just before tattvamasi, uddhAlaka, says this -

*******These rivers, my son, run, the eastern toward the east, the western
toward the west. They go from sea to sea (i. e. the clouds lift up the water
from the sea to the sky, and send it back as rain to the sea). They become
indeed the sea. And as those rivers, when they are in the sea, do not know,
I am this or that river,*******

The river becomes the sea only in the final stage, right. We dont say the
river is always the sea. When it merges in the sea, it has no more
individual distinction as the river. Similarly in the Br.U, we find
Yagnavalkya telling Maitreyi that "the self has no more particular

Dont you think that we will be violating many sruti statements if we say
that jIva is brahman even in the three states?

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