Ramanuja's Summary of the Advaitin's Position - 1

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Sat May 3 10:02:40 CDT 2003

--- Vidyasankar <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:


> This has been the position of a few modern scholars
> of the Vedantic
> schools. Indeed, John Grimes of Michigan State
> University, who has a very
> keen understanding of Advaitic texts, has an
> extensive discussion of
> Ramanuja's "sapta-vidha-anupapatti" criticism of
> Advaita, and he says that
> the Visishtadvaitins misunderstand key features of
> Advaita thought.

Thanks, I think I'll discontinue future articles on
Ramanuja's summary of advaita. There doesn't seem much
of a point if Ramanuja didn't get it right.



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