Ramanuja's Summary of the Advaitin's Position - 1

S. Sriram ajiva_rts at YAMBOX.COM
Sat May 3 10:50:17 CDT 2003

> This has been the position of a few modern scholars of the Vedantic
> schools. Indeed, John Grimes of Michigan State University, who has a very
> keen understanding of Advaitic texts, has an extensive discussion of
> Ramanuja's "sapta-vidha-anupapatti" criticism of Advaita, and he says that
> the Visishtadvaitins misunderstand key features of Advaita thought.

John Grimes's own perspective on the intractable differences and
constructuctive value can be found at the link below, in specific his
comment much
echoed by numerous others that :
The conflicts which exist between the systems do not seem to affect
their value as a particular system of thought. One may even go so far as to
claim that the various systems enrich and inspire each other with their
mutual fecundity

Link to full text

Srinivasan Sriram

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