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>In Malolan's posting, he has mentioned that Ribhu gita is part of Vishnu purana - I was thinking its part of Sivarahasyam. Can >somebody thro light?

The Rbhu Gita is found in other purAna-s as well. Ref:

"The vishNu purANa is in the form of a dialogue between parASara and his student maitreya. The Rshi parASara also finds mention in the advaita guru-paramparA. In this purANa, the dialogue of the sage, Rbhu with nidAgha is also recounted, where the supreme teaching of non-duality is elaborated briefly. This Rbhu gItA is also found in other purANas. Similarly, ashTAvakra is another legendary name associated traditionally with the teaching of advaita in the ashTAvakra-gItA. These figures are thus early advaitins referred to in the purANas. "

Ref: http://www.advaita-vedanta.org/avhp/pre-sankara.html


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