Ribhu Gita

venkata subramanian venkat_advaita at REDIFFMAIL.COM
Wed May 7 07:01:36 CDT 2003

The Tanjore Manuscript Library (popularly known as the Saraswathi
Mahal Library) has publiblished the Shiva Rahasya Purana
(incomplete as on date) in Sanskrit Devanagari Text.

The book has been edited by Thanjavur Swaminatha Atreya.

  One of the published volumes contains as a part in it, the
famous Ribhu Gita.  It seems to be an Upadesha involving
Veerabadra; if i remember correct.

  Also, it contains a Shiva Sahasranama in Sloka form; in one of
the volumes.  The book volumes are now available at the Tanjore
Manuscripts Library for sale.  In case, anyone buys during the
birth day week of Shivaji Rao the king founder of the Library, one
can get a discount of about 50% for their publications.


Mr. S. Venkata Subramanian
        Chartered Accountant

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