Ribhu Gita - Part of Shiva Rahasya only

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  The authority for my saying that Ribhu Gita is a part of Shiva
Rahasya is from Sri Thangaswamy Sharma's Sanskrit book - Advaita
Vedanta a Bibliographical survey. Madras University Publication.
1984 Edition.

  yes, sri vidyashankar, shiva rahasya is not a complete purana in

  regarding a one within Vishnu Purana, i am sorry i have not seen


On Tue, 06 May 2003 Vidyasankar wrote :
> >Ribhu Gita is necessarily a part and participle of Shiva
> >only.
> >
> >SEE - Tanjore Manuscript Library Publication.
> >
>Could you give us details of publication?
>Be that as it may, as far as Puranic texts are concerned, Ribhu
>Gita is
>found in many different texts. The Siva Rahasya itself is known
>as a kANDa
>in the Skandapurana. Modern efforts to label the Siva Rahasya as
>an itihAsa
>have no actual traditional basis.
>Within Vishnu Purana, the Ribhu Gita is found as a subset of the
>story of

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