Ribhu Gita - Part of Shiva Rahasya only

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 7 19:07:02 CDT 2003

>  The authority for my saying that Ribhu Gita is a part of Shiva
>Rahasya is from Sri Thangaswamy Sharma's Sanskrit book - Advaita
>Vedanta a Bibliographical survey. Madras University Publication.
>1984 Edition.

That may be so, but different Puranas often carry common material. The only
point I wanted to take issue with was your use of the word "only". As it
is, the same text that is called Ribhu Gita is found in many Puranic
sources, with a few variations here and there.

>  regarding a one within Vishnu Purana, i am sorry i have not seen

Please see http://www.hindunet.org/srh_home/1996_2/msg00279.html for an


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