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Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT] sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at citigroup.com
Wed May 21 13:08:56 CDT 2003

In the house of one pious brahmin family there was a bride who had newly
joined the family.  She was young and not very conversant with the ways of
cooking with firewood.  So her mother in law took it upon herself to teach
the art of cooking.  She detailed to her the steps of cooking - Take bath,
smear your kumkum, draw a kolam (rangoli) and then take some firewood, pour
some oil on it and sorround it with some cow-dung-patties and then light the
fire.  Remember to pray to God before lighting the fire.  First cook rice
and dal and then cook sambar and rasam etc... in order.  After all cooking
is done, take care to remove all the urns from the stove and put in a
separate place and cover them with a lid.

And remember, at the end you have to put out the fire.  The daughter-in-law
excalimed:  "If I have to put out the fire in the end, why should I light it
up and cook, in the first place?"


> If there is no bondage what so ever from absolute level (paramarthika
> level), why should I put effort (in this v-level) for the 
> liberation (and
> which is also not real in P-level) ? anyway I am Brahmn 
> ultimately, even
> though I may or may not try to realize in this v-level.

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