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> If there is no bondage what so ever from absolute level (paramarthika
> level), why should I put effort (in this v-level) for the liberation (and
> which is also not real in P-level) ? anyway I am Brahmn ultimately, even
> though I may or may not try to realize in this v-level.

A fairly straight forward question as I see it, but one that will take your
own introspection to answer. In that process, I see the following as
(a) You first have to accept that there is a liberation state. What it
really is does not matter for now.
(b) You have to also accept that you are not already liberated (i.e. you are
in bondage).

If you don't accept these two points, no matter how much any one tells you,
be it a philosopher, or sruti, or anything for that matter, they will not
make an iota of difference to you. Because while those sources may tell you
that you are really in pain or even if it does not, if it talks of an
exalted state where all is just happiness, you would not care because you do
not accept that such a state exists.

If you accept only the first, and not the second, then you would have to be
in the liberated state yourself. This will lead to the same conclusion as
above, where you accepted neither statements.

Accepting only the second without the first is defeatist, or fatalistic that
there is nothing you can do, because you are accepting that anything can
even be done!

That leaves only one alternative, namely, to accept both these points, i.e.,
there is a state of liberation, and you are now in bondage. If this is the
case, you have to find out (a) what is this bondage, (b) what is this
exalted or "unbound" or "liberated" state (c) how can you go from the state
of bondage to one of liberation.

You will find that all of the vendanta, or any school of thought originating
in the vedas, or having the vedas as their foundation, will give you
answers. It is upto you individually to go drink from that fountain.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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