[Advaita-l] Re: gauDapAda kArikA-s

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu May 22 12:10:34 CDT 2003

>So we all agree that saguNa brahman is undeluded. That is what I ever asked 
>for.(the question of delusion for nirguNa brahman does not arise anyway)

However, think about the following. The jIva, being brahman, is also a kind 
of sa-guNa brahman (the guNa-s differ), and according to your own thinking, 
the jIva is deluded.

It is only when you equate saguNa brahman with ISvara that you have to 
insist upon ISvara being undeluded.

>I know. But loyalty to the true meaning of vedAnta is more important than 
>loyalty to any particular tradition or to any individual. And

Well, asampradAyavit sarva-SAstravid api mUrkhavad upekShaNIyaH - 

How do you arrive at the true meaning of vedAnta independent of all else?

>>So, do you want to say that delusion is real?
>Definitely not. I am an advaitin at heart. But one should always

If so, I don't understand why you have to have a problem with gauDapAda 

>Yes. But as we have seen, a detailed backward analysis leads to un-vedAntic 
>postulates like "brahman can be deluded". We are not

Who decided that gauDapAda (or for that matter, Sankara or sureSvara) gives 
un-vedAntic posulates? It seems to me that this is completely a 
misunderstanding of what he says.


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