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Thu May 29 20:59:03 CDT 2003


>Let's not leave aside the commentary. Rather refer to Sankara's commentary 
>on this sUtra and also on the guhAM praviShTAv AtmAnau sUtra.

Now that the sUtra has your attention, I would like to present your earlier 
statement -

*Rather, it is as the jIva that brahman pervades the body and the jIva 
itself IS the higher prakRti while the body IS the lower prakRti*

That jIva and Ishwara have both been spoken of as entering into the body 
would justify the statement that brahman is anyway pervading the body. 
Further justification comes from the two birds analogy.

>And sufficient discussion has gone by to show you that he refers to the 
>jIva just three verses before the one you quote, and that he does not say 
>that brahman is really deluded. Enough said, except for reiterating, read 
>verse 19 in its context of the verses that come before it.

Same question. *Who according to gauDapAda is imagining the individual 
self?* If this is not an objection to you, then nothing is.

>That is a cop-out and a refusal to address the fact that your notion of 
>what is advaita is fundamentally incompatible with the very principle of 

I dont think so.

>Well, I confess I don't understand what it will take to convince you that 
>your statements on gauDapAda have already been refuted, many times over. 
>Every sentence in the last five or six replies I have posted was geared 
>towards that purpose. Since I don't care to repeat myself endlessly, this 
>is the last post in this discussion with you.

Who according to gauDapAda is imagining the individual self? (Incidentallly 
you never touched this point till now. You can verify it yourself.)

Best Regards

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