[Advaita-l] Re: An Invitation

Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 16:00:51 CDT 2004

An amusing feature of that group is that there is an invitation for bauddhas and jainas to join and put forth their arguments! 
Another feature is that there is hardly anybody to decide whose argument has a greater weight. I have come accross some dvaitins who in the course of discussing with me claimed that God can make 2+2 as 5 or that he can make the existent prakRti non-existent if he likes!!! 
Anyway, it is quite easy to "win" an argument in that group. All that is required is quantity - bombard the group with posts and you are the "winner", even if you write utter nonsense. :-)

>Thanks for the invite. I searched for info about this list on the web
>and found this comment about the forum at
>Cat=" target=_blank>http://www.hindunet.com/forum/showthreaded.php?>Cat=&Number=41354&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&vc=1

>"I have been subscribed to vadavali. But I am unfortunately not seeing
>any vada let alone any dialogue within the two main schools in your
>forum. Instead one particular school is bombarding the members of the
>other school with abuses and are trying to ridicule the other school's
>philosophy. I don't think this ridiculing the opposite school will
>glorify their own philosophy. Instead, I am sorry to say, vadavali is
>now nearly a farce. It is more like 'Dvaitavali'."

>I've subscribed to it anyway!


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