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S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 20:49:03 CDT 2004

--- Vivekshankar Natarajan <nvivekshankar at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Fellow Advaitha Jignasus,
> I have been a member of this list and have greatly benefited from the
> scholarly discourses that follow. I am also a member of VaDaVaLi, a
> group some of you may be familiar with. It has members belonging to
> all the thee sampradyas(Advaitha,VishistaDvaitha and Dvaitha). The
> goal of the group is to encourage VaDa(agument on various aspects of
> Vedantha between the various systems). I invite you all to join the
> group and enrich it by participating in great Vada./

Thanks for the invite. I searched for info about this list on the web
and found this comment about the forum at

"I have been subscribed to vadavali. But I am unfortunately not seeing
any vada let alone any dialogue within the two main schools in your
forum. Instead one particular school is bombarding the members of the
other school with abuses and are trying to ridicule the other school's
philosophy. I don't think this ridiculing the opposite school will
glorify their own philosophy. Instead, I am sorry to say, vadavali is
now nearly a farce. It is more like 'Dvaitavali'."

I've subscribed to it anyway!


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