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Please condone me if my questions are stupid.

Did Dwaitha or any or philosophy existed before Advaitha. I Presume Advaitha
must have contended Dvaitha thats why it is a A-Dvaitha. If other phil
existed where/who are their followers ( I clearly understand that Ramanuja
and Madvacharya Phil are later to HH Sri Sankara. SO my question doesnot
include the works of Ramanuja and Madvacharya )

The philosphies by Madwacharya  and Ramanuja; how well are these debated
before acceptance. Note :People following is not an acceptance as follower
Ramanuja/Madvacharya/HH-Sri-Sankara dosnot mean they understood the
philosophy. In the case of HH Jagadguru Sri Sankara we are all aware(Books)
of the debates he won for Advaitha.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

Subramanian Sahasranamam

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On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, U.K Anumula wrote:

> I would like the erudite members of this forum to throw some light on the
> aims and functions of the various peethams, including those set up by Adi
> Sankara.  If they were set up as overseers of ritualistic religion, that
> would perhaps be against the spirit of rational debate and discussion and
> self-realisation which Adi Sankara expounded and which are at the root of
> advaita philosophy.

Why do you assume "rational debate and discussion" or "self-realization"
are opposed to "ritualistic religion"?  What do those terms mean anyway?

>   Secondly, advaita does not accept pontifical
> institutions, like the papacy for Catholic Christians.

What led you to this conclusion?

>  If, on the other
> hand, they are meant to guide the laity in better understanding of
> concepts, are they serving that purpose?

If there is no pontiff, what is "laity"?

> I wish to be excused for raising this question.  Are the peethams serving
> any purpose?

Obviously they are as nothing continues to exist without a purpose.  But I
take it this purpose doesn't seem clear to you?

It's not that your questions are not worthy of answering but there seem to
be a lot of underlying assumptions there.  Maybe they should be explored

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