[Advaita-l] Questions

Martone martone at terra.com.br
Tue Apr 13 12:13:56 CDT 2004

Hello all friends in the list.

I have been trying to understand the teachings of Advaita and it has helped
me, but I still don?t know some basic things about the practice..I would
like to ask you some questions and apologise if the level of my questions
are too elementary.
The first question is: what is the main practice we must do in Advaita? is
there a kind of meditation, or mantra ou exercise we must do? is it the
question "Who am I?" or "who is doing this?"

Another question is: Is there a mantra or a kind of ritual I can do to Adi
Sankara? I feel a need to pay him a homage.

Another: what you, advaitins, do in terms of exercises or other things, in
daily practice?

Sorry again if my questions are too basic, but I feel that to situate
muyself, I need to ask them.

Thank you very much


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